Player Ratings: San Jose Earthquakes 2, Los Angeles Galaxy 4

Team — 5.6

It started brilliantly, and ended in disaster. There were moments in the first half that made Quakes look unassailable as they attacked with flair and confidence, taking the lead in the first 10 minutes. Then there were the defensive mistakes that wrecked the scoreline. A bad step, a penalty, and own goal, and quick counter all gave the Galaxy goals, and all the good work the Quakes did was undone.

Bingham — 5.4

Bizarrely, he didn’t play poorly despite having let in four goals. There was little he could have done on any of them, and he made a brave stop in the opening minutes.


Cato — 5.5

Somewhat dangerous going forward, but burned too many times defensively. He was partially at fault for the opening goal, although more of the blame falls on Jungwirth as both stepped to the man with the ball and Joao Pedro was left free. He also made the mistake that led to the fourth Galaxy goal, as he thought he could see the ball out but instead had it taken and left the team exposed down his flank.

Bernardez — 4.9

Strong in the opening third of the game, he was directly at fault for LA’s third (obviously) and fourth goals.

Jungwirth — 4.5

Woeful. His high risk, high reward brand of defending was punished tonight, and he was lucky not to have been responsible for more goals. His long range passing let him down too often too.

Sarkodie — 4.8

Withdrawn at the half for a reason. Perhaps the penalty was an iffy call, but he was slow to come out to the attacker and invited the situation. He did the same again on Bernardez’s own goal, allowing the Galaxy attacker yards of space to stroll in to the area.

Hyka — 5.8

Dangerous in the first half, but seemed to fade in the game and had several cheap giveaways as the Quakes tried to find a way back into the game. His corners were hit and miss too.

Ceren — 6.1

To be certain, no one could doubt his commitment. Tidy in possession and a pest on defense.

Thompson — 6.5

Played very well staring in the center of the park. Apart from one terrible giveaway where he was caught dribbling the wrong direction, he was a driving force in the midfield, and earned an assist to go with it. It was telling that Kinnear allowed him to play the full 90 minutes.

Hoesen — 7.0, MOTM

While he faded in the second a half, he was monstrous in the first. Apart form the goal and the assist, he fully embraced his role as a Kinnear-style winger (despite being nominally a forward in a 4-3-3) and tracked back well, fighting for possession and helping build the attack.

Urena — 5.4

Slow to make decisions all day, and it took the edge off of too many Quakes’ attacks. He did force a great save from Brian Rowe late on.

Wondolowski — 5.9

He bagged a goal, but did not play great otherwise. He should have done better on two chances, including one in the closing stages that looked like an easy goal if he had passed across the face of goal to Hoesen.

Lima — 5.0

The selection dilemma facing Dom Kinnear became clear tonight: both Cato and Lima are significantly better on the right flank. He was partially responsible for the fourth goal, as both he and Bernardez could not mark Gio Dos Santos despite no other Galaxy players within 30 yards.

Dawkins — NA

Tried to push the attack forward but was unable to find space to contribute.


Photo: MLS Twitter


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