San Francisco scores first win in nation’s oldest soccer tournament

As the soccer landscape gets increasingly populated, the Bay’s newest team enters the nation’s oldest soccer competition. Their first foray into the tournament – now against the PDL Quakes affiliate Burlingame Dragons – set in the beautiful Palo Alto landscape on a clear Wednesday evening.

First half results: increased pressure from the Deltas with seven shots versus the Dragons three shots. 3 of those were on target for the San Francisco team, albeit all three were spot-on for the Dragons. The Deltas had 4 corners in the first half alone versus the Dragons zero.

The Dragons set their tone for the match by the 29th minute. Under pressure from Burlingame, the Deltas backline let a slip-up leading to a Dragons goal  by Jamael Cox. The early goal shook the red-and-black squad to the point where passing accuracy suffered. Attempted back heels and technique suffered greatly. Seemingly shook, the Deltas couldn’t get a play going. Late into the first half attacks were getting more headway into the Dragon’s own third.

Once into stoppage, another attack from the Deltas led to a dangerous looking foul committed by the Burlingame a few feet away from the box.  A free kick called , both teams lined up for the set piece. The kick by Kyle Bekker led to a headed bounce by #35 Reiner Ferreira, ending the half tied 1-1.

Deltas coach Marc Dos Santos said that a few line-up changes were made to give some players rest.

“It didn’t always look organized. Burlingame created problems for us, they were a good team but we found a way to win the game with set pieces,” Dos Santos said.

Ferreira, speaking through an interpreter, said he the club had been prepping for the match for a while, and felt “happy” to have been able to score the first goal for the club in the Open cup.

“Now we’ve got to think about Jacksonville, and work towards more chemistry,” Ferreira said.

Ferreira’s goal was just the catalyst they needed. The Deltas outperformed with 13 total shots, 6 corner kicks and scored the game winning goal at minute 63 by Tommy Heinemann. The play had been set by Jackson, who was dribbling his way past Burlingame defenders. A quick foul call with a set piece kick from midfield landed at the feet of Jackson, who then kicked it back towards the net, landing instead on Heinemann’s feet that result in the Delta’s second goal.

Burlingame Dragons coach Joe Cannon admitted they had their chances and felt “gutted” for the team. The PDL squad started their season at the beginning of this month

“I’m gutted for our guys, I thought we were deservedly up one noting and actually had a couple of chances in that first half. We were a bit unfortunate with giving up a free kick,” Cannon said.

Their win this week puts the Deltas against the USL’s Phoenix Rising on May 31 in Scottsdale, AZ. That potential winner will face the Quakes at Avaya on June 14.



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