Player Ratings: Colorado Rapids 3, San Jose Earthquakes 0

Team — 5.3

They came out with confidence, and — aside from a mistake that Colorado should have converted — will have felt that they were in control of the game. They held possession well and were patient with the ball. However, it became apparent that this was all they could do. The Quakes could barely manage to get a touch inside the 18, and managed just one shot from inside the area. Once defensive mistakes put them behind, there was nothing there to get them back in the match, leading to an abysmal afternoon.

Bingham — 5.2

Not at fault for any of the goals, but still shaky. Twice on corners he was unsure whether to come for the punch, including one where he missed entirely.

Cato — 5.2

Heavily involved in the opening minutes, doing well on both sides of the ball. This ended with Colorado’s opener, as he was caught sleeping and allowed his man to get behind him. He had two more egregious errors that could easily have been goals, and Nick Lima may have a way back into the starting XI come next match.

Bernardez — 5.2

Somewhat lethargic. It seemed he should have been marking closer on Colorado’s first goal, and was nowhere to be found on their third.

Jungwirth — 5.8

Many more mistakes than usual from the German coming off a team-of-the-week performance. He was caught ball watching in the opening minutes, and Alan Gordon missed a sitter. He was out of position on another chance just before the half, and was megged on Colorado’s third. He seemed emboldened to pass from deep to the front line after his two assists from last week, and it wasn’t really coming off.

Sarkodie — 4.6

Involved in all three goals. He did not mark tight enough on Colorado’s opener, he allowed Badji to play through him on Colorado’s third, and was poor all day going forward.

Hyka — 5.4

Hinted at being dangerous, but usually just laid the ball off. Somewhat anonymous.

Ceren — 6.0, MOTM

A decent match, which is more than can be said about his teammates. Did well to retain possession and broke up attacks well.

Godoy — 5.3

Did well to retain possession at times, but he just cannot seem to shake the turnover bug. This time, he was directly responsible for Colorado’s second goal with an atrocious giveaway.

Hoesen — 5.8

He is perhaps too eager to shoot from distance, but he is willing to be direct, but it generally did not trouble the Rapids today.

Urena — 5.2

A poor performance. His touch was heavy and he was not involved much. But he did provide the best chance of the game for the Quakes just before coming off, sliding in a through ball that perhaps Godoy should have done better with.

Wondolowski — 5.2

Disappointing after the two goals last week. His only touch near goal was off and went straight in the air.

Thompson — NA

His corners were the most dangerous part about his appearance as a striker.

Alashe — NA

Did little of note.

Dawkins — NA

Tried to push forward and run at the defense, but couldn’t seem to get anywhere.


Image: San Jose Mercury News


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