Player Ratings: San Jose Earthquakes 1, FC Dallas 1


A tie that will feel somewhat like a loss. The Quakes dominated the game at times, taking nearly 80 percent of the possession in the opening 20 minutes. At the half, the stat line still gave the Quakes a 71-29 advantage in possession, and it seemed only a matter of time before San Jose would take the lead. But bad giveaways and defensive mistakes gave FC Dallas a way into the game, and eventually gave them the opening goal.

“Good first half, poor second half,” Dom Kinnear said. “You can put it down to good pressure; I put it down to bad decisions on our part, something we can definitely avoid.”

“I thought we played some good stuff the first 30, 35 minutes. I thought we looked pretty sharp, moving the ball well. Second half we came out, and we were a little bit lackadaisical, and they were getting chances because of that.”

Bingham — 6.1

Was very confident in coming out to punch away, with good results except for one mistake that went unpunished thanks to an offside flag. He made a huge save in the 60th minute as he closed the angle quickly and made himself big. While he might not be happy with the goal, it’s hard to put much of the blame on his shoulders.

Lima — 7.3

An outstanding match from the rookie. He was smooth and threatening going forward, and had only one instance of getting caught out of position that his speed could not make up for.

Alashe — 5.1

A surprise selection with Victor Bernardez back from suspension, Kinnear said simply, “I thought the back four played good last week, and I just wanted to keep it together.” This will likely not be true in the next match, as he had far too many mistakes. This includes the goal, in which a bad step allowed FC Dallas to carve open the defense and score.

Jungwirth — 6.5

Commanding and decisive in the back. These are great traits for a center back, but decisiveness can lead to disastrous mistakes. Luckily for the Quakes, his mistakes were not punished, but he certainly put them under intense pressure more than once (Colman’s chance in the 28th minute, getting taken easily by Colman in the 32nd minute). That being said, he improved dramatically in the second half, even if he could not cover Alashe’s mistake on the goal. His long-range passing also helped in search of the equalizer.

Francis — 5.0

Aside from one dangerous cross, he was the weak link in the attack as the Quakes dominated possession.

Cato — 5.9

Not bad in his first start of the season. He ran forward with speed and energy, but did not produce anything special either and it is not clear if he can displace Simon Dawkins or Tommy Thompson in the XI. Subbed after 63 minutes for Thompson.

Godoy — 6.0

“He’s played better for us. That’s what I can say,” Kinnear said. The midfielder was an outstanding engine for the team at times, but also some bad giveaways.

“We were losing the ball in the middle too much, Kinnear said. “I think the turnovers from that area of the field was a bit surprising, and definitely we can play better.”

Those mistakes aside, he and Ceren did a good job cycling possession and switching the ball side to side quickly.

Ceren — 5.5

Like Godoy, played very well at times and did exactly what Kinnear wants from a central midfielder: lots of defensive work and simple, fast movement of the ball. Like Godoy, however, there were too many giveaways.

Hyka — 7.9, POTM

His first full 90 with the Quakes, and it was easy to see why. He was the most dangerous player on the pitch even before the goal, and did well to track back defensively.

Ureña — 6.4

Looked especially dangerous in the first half, especially when he could turn and run at defenders. He faded in the second half, and was withdrawn after 73 minutes.

Wondolowski — 6.8

Good movement, good defensive work, and good linkup play. He plays the target man as best he can.


Thompson — N/A

Creative and bright in his 25 minutes on the pitch, and will have made a case for starting over Cato.

Hoesen — N/A

Perhaps his best appearance so far, he didn’t seem bothered by FC Dallas’ formidable center back pairing.

Salinas — N/A

On late in search of an equalizer.

Photo: San Jose Earthquakes Twitter


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