Player Ratings: New York City FC 2, San Jose Earthquakes 1

Bingham — 6.4, POTM

With the amount of possession NYCFC was allowed, the keeper was busy most of the game. The first goal saw him nearly make a spectacular save, and he could do nothing about the second. Overall, his distribution was good and made his presence felt. However, the fact that he was POTM says more about the quality of the Quakes’ play than it does about his performance.


Lima — 5.4

A really mixed game. Tons of effort and some great plays, but was also beat too many times and had some silly giveaways.


Bernardez — 4.9

Had a strong game before his bone-headed red card all but ended the Quakes’ hopes of finding an equalizer.


Jungwirth — 6.2

A good game overall, but shares some part of the blame for NYCFC’s second goal as he was sucked across the area in attempt to cover.


Francis — 4.5

Poor. Lackadaisical defending, did not track Harrison on the opening goal, and his crosses were wild.


Thompson — 5.6

Had some bright moments, but his giveaway directly led to NYCFC’s second goal.

Alashe — 5.6

Made the simple passes in the rare times the Quakes had a bit of possession, and did a lot to hassle NYCFC’s three-man midfield. That said, he did not track McNamara on the second goal.


Ceren —

Battled in the midfield with mixed results. He provided a nice through ball that perhaps Wondo should have finished. He certainly did not do enough to displace Godoy as a first-choice option.

Dawkins — 5.5

Looked bright at times, but ran into too many dead-ends that killed the attack.


Ureña — 6.2

His early goal was a direct result of his pressure, and he finished cooly. After that, however, he largely disappeared.



Wondolowski — 6.2

Came very deep far too often as the Quakes struggled for possession, but he tried to link the attack and was valuable defending corners. Perhaps should have finished a chance in the opening minutes.


Hoesen — NA

For all his size, he is not doing much “target-manning”, and thus far in his Quakes career it is difficult to point to the ways he is an upgrade over Adam Jahn.

Salinas — NA

His direct running caused problems, and perhaps even looked better than Thompson overall.

Hyka — NA

Found space very hard to come by, and as a result could not contribute much.


Photo: NYCFC Facebook page



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