Takeaways from Earthquakes Media Day 2017

“Do we have a plan? Yes we do. We want to build a foundation, on an existing one, and go into the season with renewed conviction and with all of the resources going in the same direction.”

Those were the woods of newly minted San Jose Earthquakes general manager Jesse Fioranelli Tuesday, speaking on the backdrop of the team’s first training session of the upcoming 2017 campaign.

“A lot of important work has already been done,” Fioranelli said. “My job in the first 100 days is to really understand what the needs of this club are.”

Regardless of those needs, Fioranelli said San Jose would not be signing a Designated Player before kickoff of the new season. The logic for the move is sound — the winter DP market is far less attractive than the summer, which has produced players such as Andrea Pirlo and Nicolas Lodeiro.

“The winter transfer period produces a limited amount of good opportunities,” Fioranelli said. “The club, in the position it is right now, believes that in the summer there will be more options where we can strike a deal that gives us not only more support on the field but also, from a long term perspective, will want to commit to the San Jose Earthquakes.”

The Quakes’ pursuit of Club America’s Darwin Quintero has officially ended, leaving reporters to ask Fioranelli an opportunity to quiz him on the alleged signing of Dutch forward Danny Hoesen from FC Groningen. According to a report, citing the general director of his former club as the source, Hoesen agreed to a one-year loan deal with San Jose, which includes a team option to buy his contract at the end of the season.

“I didn’t read it yet,” Fioranelli said of the report. “I didn’t hear it yet, but if he said so, he has a lot of credibility and he has a fantastic team. I can’t comment on it yet because it is not official yet, but I expect in the next 7 to 10 days there will be some news, and I look forward to surprising many people.”

There have been a slew of players linked to rumored signings with the Quakes this offseason, most notably Albanian national Jahmir Hyka. According to a source close to Hyka, his arrival in San Jose is all but imminent, whether or not he arrives next month, or in the summer, remains in question. Here’s the last update I received:

When asked, Fioranelli was unwilling to confirm or deny any signings or negotiations, but did have a simple message for fans.

“All I can tell you so far is that we’re going to be very well-prepared heading into the new season. We’ll see in the next 10 to 14 days, there will probably be some news.”

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