Anibal Godoy Omitted from All-Star Ballot

When MLS released its All-Star ballot for the July match against Arsenal that will be hosted in Avaya Stadium, one San Jose Earthquake is arguably the largest omission in the entire league: Anibal Godoy.

The selection process occurred via poll with national media, including a very small number of San Jose reporters, and yielded a “Top 8” from each club. As such, the Earthquakes have 8 representatives, but the 55-times capped Panamanian international (at the age of just 26) will not be amongst them.

From his defensive midfielder role, Godoy may well exert the most influence of any Quakes player on the pitch. As he goes, so goes the team: since joining the club in the summer of 2015, they have kept an excellent 10-3-5 record with him on the field (including 8 clean sheets) and managed just 1-3-2 without him. His arrival last season came in the midst of a dire 5-game losing streak, and he immediately turned the Quakes around to the tune of a 6-1-3 run down the stretch. One Quakes veteran went so far as to offer a bemused “wait…but he’s our best player” when told of the news.

Individually, his numbers may be even more impressive. He sports a truly staggering 92% pass-completion percentage on the year, averages 2.3 tackles and 1.9 interceptions per game, and has even chipped in 3 goals in his 18 appearances despite playing such a deep role.

The omission was shocking to the club’s front-office staff, which has taken a fair amount of pride the investment they’ve put into Godoy. Aside from any on-pitch influence, he’s a popular figure in Panama and San Jose, with his Twitter following amongst the 5 largest on the team.

There are several avenues for him to make the All-Star roster despite not being on the ballot, including coaches selections if there are any late dropouts. That would seem to be the best route on for Godoy considering that the coach of the MLS side will be none other than Dominic Kinnear.


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