Earthquakes Top Reigning Champions with Wondolowski and Amarikwa Goals


On Sunday at Avaya Stadium, the San Jose Earthquakes took on the defending MLS Cup Champion Portland Timbers. It had been raining the whole week, so the field conditions were relatively poor, and there was a lot of slipping during the game, but thankfully the rain had stopped for the most part when the game started.

Chris Wondolowski started off the scoring with a slicing run to beat his defenders for a one-on-one with the keeper, who he beat through the legs. “Wondo does what he does,” Timbers head coach Caleb Porter said of the goal in the 30th minute. Porter felt that the Timbers had done a good job up until that point of creating good opportunities. “[It was] something we talked about all week, something we trained about all week. But you gotta credit Wondo for finding his spot like he does.” A through ball from rookie Kip Colvey to play in Anibal Godoy allowed Godoy to cross the ball right to Wondo’s feet in front of the net.

Wondo, who just had another baby girl with his wife Lindsey named Brynlee, said “he wanted to do a thumb-sucking shoutout to Brynlee, sign language ‘I love you,’ but I got way to excited and just saw a nice slick patch of grass that I couldn’t help myself with.”

The Earthquakes have struggled to score more than one goal at Avaya Stadium, let alone in the first half, but thanks to a Quincy Amarikwa hit from 35 yards out, that changed. “You know, they score kind of a flukey goal, gotta credit Quincy because he took it well,” Porter said of the goal. Earthquakes fans will likely disagree with Porter, and rightfully so.

“I’ve been watching Curry shoot from everywhere. So I said, if he can do it, I can get lucky one time,” he said jokingly of the goal. Amarikwa, who has been known to get physical with defenders bigger than him, had been going at it with Nat Borchers all game long. “That has just been a staple of my game since I’ve been playing when I was a little kid,” he said of his style of play.

Everyone else had plenty of words of praise for “The Chip,” which was the #1 play on Sport Center’s top 10 plays of the day. “This guy’s amazing, and that was well deserved. Proud of him, because he puts so much work into each game,” Captain Chris Wondolowski said. The two have been the most efficient American scoring duo in MLS since last season. “His work ethic is contagious, he does so much stuff that doesn’t go in the box score. I don’t think he gets enough credit, so I’m glad he gets a world class goal for everyone to see,” Wondo added.

Anay Patel

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