Burlingame Dragons FC Weekly Update (2/20/16)

PHOTO: Lyndsay Radnedge, Center Line Soccer

  • The Dragons hosted their second annual tryout at Menlo College on Saturday the 13th, with a turnout of over 70 hopeful players. The age of the players ranged from 16 to mid 30s, and head coach Eric Bucchere was impressed with the play. “The level of play at the tryout is a credit to the talent pool in the Bay Area, it was a really competitive day,” he said. Bucchere has made it clear that he intends to bring along some of the players from the tryout and give them second looks during preseason.

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  • Adding to their already strong roster for the upcoming summer, the Dragons signed University of Vermont Forward Brian Wright to the team. Wright had 10 goals and 7 assists this year for Vermont, and has had 25 goals and 14 assists in total during his career at the University of Vermont.

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  • In addition to the Wright signing, the Dragons also picked up Cal Berkeley attacking midfielder Christian Thierjung. Thierjung led the bears with 9 goals, and 4 game winning goals, along with 4 assists. He finished tied for third in the Pac 12 for points, and will certainly be a great addition to the already strong looking roster.

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  • The Dragons also scrimmaged Sacramento Republic FC on Wednesday, however the scores were not disclosed to the public. The next match for the Dragons will be on March 12th, where they will take on the Saint Mary’s Gaels.

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