7/5 Regular Season Portland Timbers 1-0 SJ Earthquakes Player Ratings


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The Quakes headed up to Portland with a shorthanded group – missing Cordell Cato, Chris Wondolowski, and Matias Perez Garcia, and ended up falling just short of earning a point on the road.

Bingham – 6 – Bingham was solid when he needed to be, and didn’t really have any huge mistakes. He did however let in the Jewsbury goal towards the end, where his positioning could’ve been slightly better.

Wynne – 5 – Did not make any crucial mistakes, but turned the ball over more than usual and wasn’t as solid defensively. Ineffective offensively.

Goodson – 7 – Goodson was dominant in the air and good on the ball just as he has been all season long. His work tonight warranted a shutout for the Quakes, but unfortunately the late goal bailed the Timbers out.

Bernardez – 6 – Also very dominant in the air like Goodson, but wasn’t as mobile as usual, which allowed for a couple breakthroughs in the defense and a couple set pieces as well.

Stewart – 4 – Also did not make any crucial mistakes, but was unable to get anything going forward, and also had an elbow that definitely warranted at least a yellow card.

Alashe – 5 – Was given the opportunity to play the ball more in his new box-to-box role, but with the absence of Wondo and MPG, there was not much he could do offensively.

Pierazzi – 3 – Pierazzi was inserted into the starting lineup again, but was virtually a pylon on defense, and once again proved to many Quakes fans that his services may not e useful for the team this year.

Salinas – 3 – Virtually a non factor the entire game. Didn’t have any impact.

Barrera – 5 – Had some flashes of skill, and did a lot of work on the left side of the field in the first half, but couldn’t find any help and thus was unable to create anything offensively.

Thompson – 4 – TT had flashes of why we are so excited to have him on our team, and also arguabley should’ve drawn a penalty late in the game, but when he had the ball at his feet, he was turning it over for a good majority of the time.

Sherrod – 5 – Should’ve scored a goal that was blocked by the hand of a Timbers player that warranted not only a penalty kick but also a red card, but unfortunately apart from that was unable to make any impact on the game. Had a few clumsy fouls as well that earned him a yellow.

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