Q&A with Jordan Stewart in the #Quakes74 FanKave


The #Quakes74 FanKave will have live Q&As with Quakes players throughout the season, as well as other players in other sports such as Draymond Green, Caron Butler, etc. The app is available on Android and Apple devices. Visit http://www.fankave.com/ to download.

The Q&A was held on June 5th 2015.

FanKaver: Jordan what is your prediction for the Champions League final tomorrow? Does Juventus have a chance?

Jordan: I think Barca are too strong up front for Juve.

Rene: What is your favorite place to eat in the Bay Area?

Jordan: My favorite place to eat in the Bay Area is ‘sushi confidential’ in Campbell.

Julian: Did you see Zardes’ goal? Worried about him at Stanford in a few weeks?

Jordan: My favorite team to play against is Galaxy as they are a rival team.

Frank: Geez – Which of your teammates has the best fashion sense and who has the worst?

Jordan: I have the best fashion sense. Hahaha. Beyond me I would say Bryan Meredith and the worst is Fatai Alashe.


Ryan: At what age did you fall in love with futbol and know this was your dream?

Jordan: I fell in love with football as soon as I started playing for a team. Which was around age 6.

Esteban: Favorite stadium you’ve played in?

Jordan: Favorite stadium I have played in would have to be Arsenal as it has the best playing surface I have been on. #Carpet

Anay: Who’s the most immature in the locker room?

Jordan: Me

Sasi: Who is your fav EPL player and EPL team?


Jordan: Fav EPL player is Eden Hazard and team is obviously the mighty blues. CHELSEA!!!

Esteban: Worst/best taste in music?

Jordan: Worst is maybe Shea as he likes country music a lot being from Texas. Not really my type of music. Best is TT, Tommy Thompson.

Noel: What’s your pregame meal?

Jordan: Pregame meal is a bowl of porridge or as Americans say, “oatmeal.”

Sasi: Who is your fav player to emulate?

Jordan: I don’t really try & emulate a player. I look at the greats & try to find ways of improving my skill. You’re never too old to learn new things.

Esteban: Predictions on WWC?

Jordan: USA women’s I think are strong.

Ryan: What’s your favorite sport to watch outside of soccer?

Jordan: I like watching golf but fav American sport is Ice Hockey as its probably the closest to soccer. Not stop and start like the other sports.

Andrew: Who’s your hockey team?

Jordan: Go sharks!!! You not see me and Yannick [Djalo] do the Sharks power play after he scored [last year]?

Sasi: Your favorite defender in football?

Jordan: Growing up Roberto Carlos. Then when I started playing I would say Ashley Cole.

Stephen: How exited are you for the Man United game? What is like to play against them?

Jordan: Yeah I am. Especially as me and Ashley Young are friends but also old teammates from our time at Watford.

Andrew: How is Yannick doing? Have you kept in touch?

Jordan: Yannick is doing well. He was playing in Russia & now back in Portugal for the off season.

Ryan: Initial thoughts of the FanKave app?

Jordan: Yeah I think it’s a great app to interact with fans. Also have some Banta!!!

Andrew: What’s the best banter that’s ever happened on the team?

Jordan: I don’t know about best. But we give Fatai a lot at the minute cause of his barnet (hair). Lol. 3 haircuts in 1.

Sasi: Englands chances in Euro 16 and World Cup 18?

Jordan: England have a good time. But the past couple tournaments we haven’t been able to gel together. I’m hopeful though.

Anay Patel

I have been a lifelong Quakes fan, and founded Quakes Epicenter in November of 2014. I have been credentialed to cover the Quakes since the 2015 season, and currently serves as the lead editor of the website. Outside of the Quakes, I am currently a student at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science and Business Administration.

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