5/16 Regular Season SJ Earthquakes vs. Columbus Crew Statistical Review

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1. The most dominant game of the season

Before this game, there were very few indications of the Quakes having a good performance. Matt Doyle, in comments section of his column, commented about the prettiest and ugliest teams so far:ugly

And honestly I’d agree with him. However, this game was easily the most dominating performance the Quakes have put together year. The Quakes posted a year-high of 87% passing accuracy; the rest of the year, they only achieved higher than 75% only once. This dominance was exemplified in the second goal, where the Quakes completed 17 consecutive passes, including 2 crosses. MPG was ever-present, completing a team-high 5 passes in the build-up, with Nyassi and Wynne tied for 2nd most with 3. Despite Wondo having a more active game with 6 shots, he was the only field player not to be involved in the second goal.


9 players, 58 seconds, and 17 passes

2. MPG’s game states

Leading up to the game, an article was published on MLS’s main website claiming that MPG should be performing better, even though at the time he was ranked the 2nd highest on Whoscored and the 4th highest on Squawka for the team. This could have led him to be too assist driven, forcing passes into the box, garnering a measly 63% Passing Accuracy.


MPG pre-goal

But, after the first goal, that all changed. Afterwards, he managed to complete all of his passes. If the situation leading to the goal was in the first half, he probably would have cut back and crossed. Instead, he laid it off to Stewart, eventually resulting in a goal.


MPG post-goal

3. Pushing the full-backs up

In the first thirty minutes, the Quakes’ fullbacks had only 6 passes (I subtracted the throw-ins in the chalkboard) in the attacking half (0.2 passes/min). Over the next fifteen minutes, San Jose managed 13 passes (0.866 passes/min). Over the rest of the game, their involvement didn’t fade; in the second half, they attempted 46 passes (1.02 passes/min). Subsequently, both goals came as a result of the more advanced fullbacks (One from Stewart’s cross, the other from Wynne’s).


fullback passing first 30 minutes


fullback passing last 15 minutes

4. Nyassi was not that bad (At least for today)

A few of the of the post-game analyses had Nyassi rated very low. However, I felt that although Nyassi wasn’t stellar, he wasn’t as bad as some are saying. Whoscored ranks him pretty high and although Squawka ranked him lower, he was somehow higher than MPG. The Quakes attacked more down the right side (38% to 34%). As for Nyassi, he completed 5 dribbles (1st), 0 UnsTouches (Bad control, 1st-tied), 2 key passes(3rd-tied), 2 accurate crosses(2nd-tied), 91.2% Passing Accuracy (4th among starters).

Player rankings:

Name Squawka Rank Whoscored Rank Average
Bingham 63 2  7.87  6  4
Wynne 43 5  7.49  7  6
Goodson 35 7  7.27  9  8
Bernardez 39 6  7.31  8  7
Stewart 52 3  8.03  3  3
Alashe 18 10  7.07  10  10
Perez Garcia 34 8  8.58  1  4.5
Wondolowski 50 4  7.92  5  4.5
Nyassi 27 9  7.98  4  6.5
Salinas 69 1  8.42  2  1.5
Jahn 3 13  6.90  11  12
Stephenson 12 11  6.11  13  12
Cato 4 12  6.35  12  12
Koval 0 14  6.04  14  14

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