3/28 Regular Season NE Revolution vs. SJ Earthquakes Statistical Analysis

Photo Courtesy of San Jose Earthquakes Facebook

1. Lots of flank play

One of the things I’ve noticed about the tweaks in this game was the width. The wingers played very far out wide. Especially the right side, the wingers were sticking to the sidelines – probably to combat the attacking influence of Chris Tierney.


right side vs. New England


right side vs. Seattle

2. Less discipline

Another thing I observed was an increase in fouls in dangerous areas. New England have Lee Nguyen and Chris Tierney on free kicks so less fouls within striking range would have helped the Quakes a lot. Ultimately, it was a free kick that lead to the game-winning goal.


fouls vs. New England


fouls vs. Seattle


fouls vs. Chicago

3. Set pieces again

Against Chicago, the Quakes scored on two set-pieces. In fact, 8 out of the 15 attempts in that game were from set pieces. For the second time in a row, more than half of the attempts were attributed to set pieces – 6 out of 10. Hopefully MPG can provide some more good service. Also, the strategy of Alashe waiting near the goal, right inside the six-yard box really paid dividends against Chicago.

4. Wondo’s positioning

One of the main things I noticed was that Wondo was starting to play deeper. But in this game, his positioning was even deeper. Here are his passes for the last three matches.


passing vs. New England


passing vs. Seattle


passing vs. Chicago

Notice that he usually stayed in the center in the previous games (especially vs. Seattle), but really played much wider against New England.

5. Substitutions

Just a sidenote – the three players substituted were ranked lowest on Whoscored. Also, the three players subbed on were the same as the last game.

Player rankings:

Name Squawka Rank Whoscored Rank Average
Bingham 23 2  7.71  2  2
Wynne 0 7  6.43  10  7
Goodson 0 7  7.00  4  5.5
Bernardez 6 5  6.92  6  5.5
Francis -28 14  7.21  3  8.5
Pierazzi 19 3  6.56  7  5
Koval -11 11  5.79  14  12.5
Nyassi -17 12  6.12  13  12.5
Emeghara -19 13  6.59  9  11
Perez Garcia 19 3  6.98  5  4
Wondolowski 42 1  7.87  1  1
Salinas 2 6  6.51  8  7
Jahn -7 10  6.37  11  10.5
Cato -3 9  6.32  12  10.5

Note: Stats are courtesy of Whoscored, Squawka, and MLS.

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