3/22 Regular Season SJ Earthquakes VS. Chicago Fire Statistical Analysis

Photo Courtesy of San Jose Earthquakes Facebook

1. Game states (again)

This game was really a tale of two halves.

In the first, the Quakes controlled the game, and generated a decent amount of chances. However, in the second half, they struggled to string together passing sequences, resorting to longer passes. In fact, the Quakes are last in the league in successful passes, passing accuracy, and possession.


First half shots


Second half shots

First half: 8 shots in the box, 6 on target. Second half: 4 shots in the box, 0 on target


First half passes


Second half passes

Note the increased length in pass length. Additionally, there are much fewer passes in the center, and almost nothing around zone 14.


First half defensive actions


Second half defensive actions

Note that initially there were few defensive actions in the defensive third, with Koval and Alashe effectively smoking out attacks. In the second half, they were not as in-sync, resulting in more last ditch tackling efforts.

2. Again MPG plays up top with Wondo


Average position data

The main problem that could develop is that MPG will not get enough of the ball playing so high up, which will result in him eventually drifting out wide more. I will tackle this later after a week or two with more usage rate data for attacking midfielders similar to MPG. Additionally, the average positions show the wide midfielders and fullbacks backed up more than in the previous two games, which is a little startling. For example, Innocent played even further back than Koval, a good transition to my next point.

3. Innocent can defend

One of major worry I had when I first heard Emeghara would play on the left was how much defensive work he would put in. Tonight he answered them and then some. He had ten total recoveries (first) and three tackles (third). He needed to do so as well, because LB Sean Francis was having a bit of trouble all night on the left side of the field. All in all, he seems to be able to work both sides of the ball.

Player rankings:

Name Squawka Rank Whoscored Rank Average
Bingham -5 12  6.29  11  11.5
Wynne 5 7  6.98  7  7
Goodson 53 2  8.02  1  1.5
Harden 69 1  7.37  4  2.5
Francis -3 11  7.28  6  8.5
Alashe 33 3  7.36  5  4
Koval 25 4  7.56  3  3.5
Nyassi 8 6  6.98  8  7
Emeghara 5 7  6.85  9  8
Perez Garcia 16 5  7.62  2  3.5
Wondolowski -12 14  6.73  10  12
Salinas 4 10  6.08  13  11.5
Jahn 2 9  6.12  12  10.5
Cato -11 13  5.91  14  13.5

Note: Stats are courtesy of Whoscored, Squawka, and MLS.

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