Quakes After 90 – The Season Opener – 2015 Podcast 1

Quakes After 90 – MLS 2015 Podcast 1

The Season Opener

For the new listeners out there – this podcast started as an idea right here in the r/sjearthquakes subreddit. We recommend kicking up a chair browsing a couple threads and staying a while. Check out the Free-Talk Friday thread we’re a friendly bunch.

At Quakes After 90, we do our best to provide a steady flow of analysis for our beloved soccer team. Since we grew organically from this subreddit, we also enjoy interaction with you all, and don’t be afraid to leave some feedback.

This episode we cover team and select player performances

So without further ado, here is the show notes/structure:

  1. Talk about some potential sports to watch SEAvSJ this weekend
  2. Discuss some Q&A we received via twitter, using #QA90
  3. /u/bill_midd tries not injure his arm patting himself on the back for his #DALvSJ predictions last podcast
  4. Talk about #DALvSJ
  5. STUDS and DUDS
  6. Look ahead to Seattle
  7. Talk some possible lineups for #SEAvSJ

You can also interact with us on Twitter: @philthisisphil @lovsicfrs @bill_midd @quakesafter90

Music this episode:

“Holiday” – Green Day

“Never Say Die” – The Old Firm Casuals

Links we reference during this episode:

Syke! NOLINKSFORYOU this episode, better luck next pod.

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