Quakes After 90 – 2015 Preseason Podcast 5

Quakes After 90 is a local independent podcast covering the San Jose Earthquakes.

If you’re looking to add some Quakes audio content to your ipod, phone, or computer then look no further.

You can find the latest individual episode here:

In this episode, Quakes After 90 talks about preseason news, preseason games, and the upcoming season opener against FC Dallas.

For those of you that would like to subscribe to this free podcast, or look through the archives, then you can find them on iTunes, on the Stitcher App or directly on their RSS feed.


@QuakesAfter90 is very active on the internet and appreciates your feedback and interaction.

The podcast is co-hosted by Twitter and Reddit users
@Bill_Midd @lovsicfrs @philthisisphil

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