2/28 Preseason SJ Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy – Pre Match Notes

2/28 Preseason SJ Earthquakes vs. LA Galaxy – Pre Match Notes 

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As the Quakes approach the end of their preseason, they will host the LA Galaxy in Avaya Stadium’s soft opener. There has certainly been a buzz around the Bay Area as of late, and rightly so. The 100 million dollar stadium has had soccer fans all across drooling over what a packed crowd would look like.

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Things to Watch

  • The Quakes, who have only one loss this preseason, have a completely new look this year. They’ve brought in several new faces from around the MLS, and even a few from outside North America. They’ve also said goodbye to veterans Jon Busch, Jason Hernandez, and Sam Cronin. Keep an eye out for what kind of impact newcomers Sanna Nyassi, Leandro Barrera, Innocent Emeghara (assuming he’s recovered from his injury), and Marvell Wynne have on the game.
  • The Quakes have more speed than they have had in recent years. The additions of Wynne, Nyassi, Barrera, and Emeghara will add much more pace to the game this year, which is something the team was severely lacking in last season especially.
  • The team really struggled with injuries last year, but they are looking relatively healthy coming into 2015. Apart from a few small things, the Quakes are close to becoming 100% healthy.
  • Adam Jahn has really impressed this preseason, and is certainly making a good case to be a key member of the rotation this year. Jahn leads the team with 7 goals on the year, and will definitely look to make an impact on the upcoming game.
  • After losing Landon Donovan to retirement, The Galaxy traded away Brazillian midfielder Marcello Sarvas. Sarvas helped them to 2 MLS Cup runs in his time in LA. He was traded to the Colorado Rapids for the #3 spot in the allocation order in hopes of acquiring USMNT midfielder Sacha Kljestan. Unfortunately for the Galaxy, the New York Red Bulls were able to swoop in and trade for the #1 allocation spot with Montreal. This is the second time that they’ve lost a player in an attempt to acquire Kljestan, and it will certainly leave a hole in their midfield.

Probable Starting & Depth Chart

Barring any injuries, I think this is what the starting lineup will look like in the Quakes’ first match at Avaya Stadium. Should Emeghara is still be sidelined with the minor injury that he has, so I think either Jahn will take his place, or Kinnear will go for 2 DMs (Koval and Pierazzi) and one forward.




  • Even though there are only going to be 10,000 people at the game, I think Avaya Stadium will be very loud. I’m no sound expert, but I do believe that the steep seats pointing down towards the field coupled with the overhang will provide plenty of noise.
  • Fans will probably find this team to be completely refined and renewed from what they saw in 2014. They will also probably look forward to putting that dreadful season behind them.
  • My prediction for the game: Quakes will ride the excitement of the new stadium and win a relatively close game 3-2.

Anay Patel

I have been a lifelong Quakes fan, and founded Quakes Epicenter in November of 2014. I have been credentialed to cover the Quakes since the 2015 season, and currently serves as the lead editor of the website. Outside of the Quakes, I am currently a student at the University of Southern California studying Computer Science and Business Administration.

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